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Key takeaways

  • New Jersey ranks extremely high for education and healthcare so it might be the perfect new home for growing families. 
  • It can be pretty expensive to live in the state, so finding a good job before relocating is paramount. 
  • The population continues to grow in New Jersey, which is a good sign for those thinking of moving to The Garden City. 

Should You Move to New Jersey?

Known for its eye-catching beaches, fun boardwalks, and popular casinos, New Jersey is a great place to cure boredom for good. But you can do more in this state than just let your wild side out. Because of its untouched nature, it’s also a great place to unwind. 

However, with a high cost of living and taxes, living in New Jersey may not be a luxury many people can afford. And costs of living aren’t the only thing newcomers should worry about. The weather in this state also isn’t ideal. And if you can’t handle extremely cold months, then you might want to think about moving elsewhere. 

For those who can afford the hefty price tag of living here, New Jersey could be an ideal place to move. That said, if you want to know whether or not moving to New Jersey is right for you, keep reading. Because you’re about to get a top-level view of what you can look forward to when moving to the state.  

New Jersey’s Housing Market

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Get To Know New Jersey

What is the population of New Jersey?

Currently, 8.8 million people call the state of New Jersey home, and the population will likely continue to grow. 

What are the employment opportunities in New Jersey?

New Jersey has one of the highest unemployment rates (6.1%), in the country. So finding a good job here could prove to be difficult. 

However, to lessen the burden of finding employment, you should consider moving to cities such as Ridgewood, Hoboken, and Rockleigh.

How are the schools in New Jersey?

The school system in New Jersey has been ranked the 3rd best in the country. And is considered one of the top states for education in general. 

However, if you want to live close to the best schools in the state, consider moving to Ridgewood, Livingston, or Millburn.

What are the healthcare options in New Jersey?

US News considers New Jersey to have the 12th best healthcare in the country. The state has 98 total hospitals. 15 of which rank are considered to rank high across the board. The best hospital in New Jersey is Morristown Medical Center. 

How is the weather in New Jersey?

The weather in New Jersey is considered to be moderate. You can expect the temperature to range from 74 degrees in the summer to 30 degrees in the winter. 

What is there to do in New Jersey?

It’s easy to have a good time in The Garden State. So much so that you might have a problem narrowing down your options. 

Popular attractions include the Atlantic City Boardwalk, Six Flags, High Point State Park, and Ellis Island. 

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Teeming with opportunities to enjoy sports, entertainment, art, culture, and history, New Jersey has long been a desirable housing market. Find local real estate agents in New Jersey that know the unique ins and outs of buying and selling property in your city.


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