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Key takeaways

  • Located just eight miles west of New York City, Newark is perfect for people who want to live in a bustling urban center but don’t care for paying sky-high Manhattan prices.
  • The pandemic has led many New York City residents to leave the five boroughs in search of more space and lower real estate listing prices. As a result, housing prices in Newark have risen over 7% in the last year due to increased demand.
  • Although many Newark residents are commuters, the city is home to its own blossoming dining and entertainment scenes. It also boasts an international airport, making it perfect for travelers.

Top Real Estate Agents In Newark

Known colloquially as “The Brick City,” Newark is the largest city in New Jersey. It’s an up-and-coming hub for commerce, technology, entertainment, dining, and art. Located just west of New York City, Newark residents can easily travel from one urban mecca to another via a robust and inexpensive public transit system. 

As for the real estate market in Newark? It’s exploding. Limited supply and unprecedented demand have many investors eager to get involved in this promising city. 

If you’re interested in buying or selling property in Newark, the market’s competitive nature means it’s essential to work with an experienced Newark real estate agent to help you seize this incredible opportunity.

Newark’s Housing Market

Median household income


Average home price


Average days on market


Whether you grew up in Newark or you’ve yet to step foot in this powerhouse city, it’s important to understand the real estate market before you dive into the real estate world. As you get ready to connect with an agent, take a look at these important facts: 

  • The median household income in Newark is $37,642
  • The average home price in Newark is $251,800—this number is expected to increase as demand grows. 
  • Real estate moves quickly in Newark. On average, properties stay on the market for less than a month, so working with a Newark, NJ agent who can keep up with this market’s lightning-fast pace is a key to landing a great deal. 

Best Buyer Agents In Newark

Buyer agents can help you find the house, apartment, or condo that’s best suited for your needs. They’ll also help you navigate everything from putting in an offer, to handling paperwork, to closing. In Newark, demand for housing outpaces supply, but a great agent can help make your search successful. 

Whether you’re in the market for a penthouse or a duplex, connecting with a top-rated Newark, NJ real estate agent is essential. To find the perfect buyer agent, start by filling out our form to be connected to one of The Brick City’s top performers like:

Ron Collins

Rockstar agent Ron Collins has numerous five-star ratings. He’s also the head of the Ron Collins Team, so his entire crew is there to help people find their dream homes in Newark. He’s just as comfortable working with first-time buyers as he is with seasoned investors.

Robert Dekanski

At the head of The Robert Dekanski Team, this rockstar agent has earned over 1,800 stellar reviews. With 19 years of real estate experience, he prides himself on providing all of his clients with personalized service.

Nelson Mota

Newark native Nelson Mota has earned a reputation for excellence due to his complete commitment to his clients. Since he’s incredibly familiar with the area, he’s an expert in finding the best properties on the market.

Best Seller Agents In Newark

If you’re selling property, Newark real estate agents will know how to command the best possible price for your real estate listing. Plus, connecting with an experienced agent will reduce the risk of you selling to an unqualified buyer. If you’re ready to go through with the sale process, fill out our form to find an agent who specializes in Newark sales, like:

Manuel Rosa

Selling real estate is in Manuel Rosa’s DNA—both his parents were agents, and he’s been in the business himself since he was just 18 years old. He combines industry expertise with his in-depth financial knowledge to help his clients get the best possible returns on their investments.

Michael Tejada

 Honesty, loyalty, and transparency are the values Micheal Tejada strives to bring to the real estate world. He approaches every sale by fighting for his clients’ dollars like they’re his own, making him a realtor you can rely on when it’s time to sell your asset.

Oliver Louis

With 17 years of experience, Oliver Louis knows how important it is to cater to his clients’ individual needs. He’s earned his reputation as a top realtor in Newark by going above and beyond for everyone he works with. He knows how to emphasize every home’s unique potential, and he never takes a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

Get To Know Newark

Newark may be known as a New York City suburb, but it has plenty of its own character and attractions that make it a fantastic option for people of all ages. Here’s what you need to know about this city outside a city:

What is the population of Newark?

The population in Newark is 282,102. While Newark’s population is relatively small, New York City’s eight million residents are just across the river. 

What are the employment opportunities in Newark?

Not only do Newark residents have direct access to an abundance of job opportunities in New York City, but there’s also a healthy job market within the Newark city limits. The city government has invested in several revitalization initiatives that have helped add jobs to the local community.

How are the schools in Newark?

The Newark School District consists of 66 schools and a student population of over 35,000. It’s one of the oldest and largest school systems in the state.

What are the healthcare options in Newark?

The city has an impressive healthcare system that includes several large hospitals. It’s also home to Beth Israel Medical Center, which was named one of the “World’s Best Hospitals” by Newsweek

Are there natural disasters in Newark?

Residents enjoy four distinct seasons, with cold winters and hot summers. Since the city is in the northeast region, it’s at risk for occasional hurricanes and blizzards.

What is there to do in Newark?

Not only are New York City’s museums, shows, and world-renowned restaurants just a few miles away, but Newark is also home to great restaurants, bustling nightlife, and a blossoming art scene.

Hottest Zip Codes

If you need some ideas on where to start looking for property in Newark, below are a few unbeatable locations:


The Central Business District of Newark offers some of the city’s best entertainment options, as it’s filled with theaters, restaurants, and shopping destinations.


This neighborhood, known as North Ironbound, combines a safe, quiet environment with reasonable housing prices.


Home to colleges like Rutgers and the New Jersey Institute of Technology, this neighborhood, called University Heights, is great for students, young professionals, and the young at heart.

Find Your Newark Real Estate Agent

Though some cities have suffered as a result of the pandemic, the housing market in Newark has only gotten stronger. Its low prices combined with its unparalleled access to urban amenities make investing in “The Brick City” a great move. Whether you’re a seasoned buyer, first-time homeowner, or you’re ready to sell, working with an experienced agent will make your real estate journey more successful. 

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