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Key takeaways

  • Florida has great weather, unlimited opportunities, and plenty of things to do which makes it an exciting place to live for anyone.
  • The state isn’t known for having the best healthcare. So residents need to seriously consider this before making the move.
  • Florida has great institutions for higher learning. And its public schools are not far behind, making it an ideal place for families.

Why You Should Move to Florida

Known for its amazing beaches, near-perfect weather, and world-renowned amusement parks, Florida is one of the best places for people looking to have fun. But this isn’t a place exclusively for people looking to have a good time. It also appeals to those looking to build businesses. 

That’s because the state doesn’t have an income tax. And with bustling cities like Miami and Tampa, you’re almost guaranteed to find money-making opportunities if you’re persistent enough. 

However, if you have a low tolerance for inclement weather, this might not be the place for you. Florida has been known to be under constant threat of being blown off the map. But as long as you keep your emergency plan updated, you should be able to enjoy the benefits without too much downside.

Florida’s Housing Market

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Get To Know Florida

What is the population of Florida?

Currently, 22.2 million people call the state of Florida home. Which is pretty impressive considering how many alligators are in the state.

What are the employment opportunities in Florida?

The most in-demand types of jobs in Florida are office and admin work. But if that type of work bores you to tears, you can also find employment in sales, transportation, and healthcare. 

You’ll likely need to snag a job in the healthcare field if you want to make the big bucks.

How are the schools in Florida?

Florida is mostly known for having notable institutions of higher education. However, according to, the state’s public school districts also perform at an elite level.

What are the healthcare options in Florida?

Here’s where things get tricky. Florida is not known for being the beacon of healthcare. Recent studies show that the state spends $19 per person on public healthcare (which is much lower than the national average). 

So, maybe just try not to get sick?

How is the weather in Florida?

With a nickname like “the sunshine state”, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the weather is pleasant. 

Living in Florida is like living in a never-ending Old Navy commercial. Sure, it can get hot in the summer, but the heat is more than worth all of the positive benefits the year-round warm weather brings.

What is there to do in Florida?

A better question is what can you not do in Florida? This state gives you access to gorgeous beaches and endless theme parks such as Disney World and Universal Studios. And I’d be remiss to not include the unforgettable party scenes in Miami and other major cities. 

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