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Key takeaways

  • While white sandy beaches are often seen as the main attraction, Miami is also a culinary destination and a major metropolitan city full of opportunity.
  • Greater Miami has everything from glitzy condos to modest family homes, making it an option for any budget.
  • The housing market in this sought-after destination fluctuates with the seasons, so be sure to take the time of year into account when buying or selling.

Top Real Estate Agents In Miami

They call Miami the Magic City, and once you visit, it’s easy to understand why. There’s an energy to the city unlike anywhere else. The beaches, the busy downtown, the lovely weather—Miami has it all.

Maybe you’ve experienced Miami and are looking to call it home, or maybe you’re enticed by the name without having ever been. Either way, when a city like this calls, you have to answer. And a Miami realtor can help you field that call.

Miami’s Housing Market

Median household income


Average home price


Average days on market


Known for its favorable climate during the winter, Miami is very much a seasonal destination. As such, the market can vary depending on the time of year. As a brief introduction to the housing market in Miami, here are some crucial facts:

  • According to Data USA, the city of Miami has a median household income of $41,818.
  • The value of the average home is around $360k, with prices increasing by 4% since last year.
  • Miami homes and condos alike are on the market for 80 to 110 days before selling, depending on the time of year.

The general trend is that sales slow during the hottest months, but a real estate expert in Miami will be best suited to analyze the market for you.

Best Buyer Agents In Miami

Whether you have preliminary questions about the area or you’re itching to make a move, there’s a real estate agent in Miami that’s ready to assist. Simply fill out our agent form and you’ll discover some of the best buyer agents around like:

Dexter Brandao

This bilingual Miami local has made a name for himself in the real estate game with his results-driven strategies. He’s familiar with both sides of the realty coin and has the rave reviews to prove it. Dexter Brandao is a solid choice for any budget, since no one knows the city quite like a local.

Jose Manuel Santovena

If anyone knows about client satisfaction, it’s this Miami FL realtor. A decade in upscale realty means Jose and the Miami Condo Investments team can help you find your next property, whether you’re looking for a home or an investment opportunity. His fluency in English and Spanish is yet another asset.

Sep Niakan

Founder of Condo BlackBook, Sep knows a thing or two about the condominium market—he’s been at it for over ten years. In a city of skyscrapers, that’s a big plus. His personable approach to real estate has won him praise all over Miami, and he can do it all in English, Farsi, and Spanish.

Best Seller Agents In Miami

If you’re ready to sell now, or you’re just testing the waters, you can discover a list of seller agents once you fill out our form. You’ll quickly discover and connect with the best realtor in Miami FL, based on your needs—a realtor like: 

Julian Acosta

With 15 years in the real estate industry, Julian is well-versed in selling everything from studio apartments to family homes. His client-first approach has served him well (his motto is “Relationship over a transaction”), and his many glowing reviews can attest to that. Fluent in English and Spanish, this Miami FL realtor will ensure you get a fair price for your home.

Gleidys Soto

A Cuban-American with a passion for luxury real estate, Gleidys has received high praise for her work at Miami Condo Investments. She can help you sell your home in English or Spanish. If a high-end, luxury home is your goal, she can make the sale happen.

Drew Kern

Based in Coral Gables (just south of Miami proper), Drew Kern is one of the top realtors in the country. There are multiple reasons for that: his 20 years of experience, his love of south Florida as a native resident, and his determination to find clients the right buyer. Drew comes highly recommended and should not be overlooked when planning to sell your home.

Get To Know Miami

What is the population of Miami?

In 2019, the US Census Bureau estimated that the population of Miami proper was 467,968. The entire metropolitan area has over 6 million people—the seventh-largest in the country.

What are the employment opportunities in Miami?

Because Miami’s long coastline draws crowds, hospitality and leisure jobs are abundant. Healthcare, education, and government sectors also play a significant role in the local economy.

How are the schools in Miami?

Miami is part of the Miami-Dade County public school system, the fourth largest school district in the US. The district has been recognized for “unprecedented increases in student achievement and graduation rates.”

What are the healthcare options in Miami?

Access to healthcare in Miami is generally rated good, with specialized hospitals for everything from cancer treatments to weight-loss surgery.

Are there natural disasters in Miami?

Due to its location near the warm waters of the Atlantic, Miami is prone to seasonal hurricanes, tropical storms, and flooding. That said, the area is no stranger to these phenomena, and infrastructure is in place to combat adverse effects.

What are the dining options in Miami?

From the Asian-barbecue fusion of KYU to the upscale elegance of Stubborn Seed, there’s a delicious meal for every palate. And of course, fresh Atlantic seafood is always on the menu.

Hottest Zip Codes

These attractive zip codes in Miami are a great place to start your search:


This zip code encompasses the areas known as Edgewater and the Upper East Side. Overlooking Biscayne Bay, this spot has seen a significant uptick in sales in 2020.


A blend of affordable and mid-priced homes make this area a smart choice for the prospective home buyer.


Known as Ives Estates, green lawns and bungalows are the trademarks of this zip code.


This is downtown Miami. Home to trendy restaurants and brewpubs, living here means being in the heart of the action.

Find Your Miami Real Estate Agent

More than just a beach destination, Miami is a world-class city with high-end lodging, restaurants, and nightlife. If you are interested in buying or selling in South Florida, don’t navigate the Miami real estate market without the help of a Miami realtor. 

Simply fill out our agent form and let us know whether you intend to buy or sell. Then discover the magic of Miami for yourself.