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Key takeaways

  • Chesapeake’s rising property values and population have made it an appealing market for home buyers and families.
  • Chesapeake is a top-ranked location for current and former military members. Veteran housing and employment opportunities create a supportive environment.
  • Nature lovers will feel at home thanks to Chesapeake’s ample waterfront and public parks. If you like exploring the outdoors or beaches, this city has endless adventures to offer.

Top Real Estate Agents In Chesapeake

With its historical trails, robust downtown, military-friendly population, and 22 miles of beautiful waterways, Chesapeake has everything you’d want in a midsize city. Even better—the city has plenty of affordable, beautiful homes with steadily growing value. 

To snag the right deal for you, our agent form can help you find a Chesapeake realtor that best suits your family. But first, read on to discover the lowdown on this well-kept secret of a city.

Chesapeake’s Housing Market

Median household income


Average home price


Average days on market


Chesapeake provides a comfortable middle- to upper-middle-class lifestyle between its 41 neighborhoods. Some homeowner stats to give an idea of the area include: 

  • Median Home Value – $273,700
  • Average Days on Market – 32 Days
  • Median Household Income – $78,640

Not only is Chesapeake’s median home value above the national rate—$217,500—but it also grew by 12% since last year. And with rising home listing and contract numbers, the city’s housing options are expanding for both sellers and buyers. Overall, the Chesapeake real estate market is healthy whether you’re looking to buy or sell. 

Best Buyer Agents In Chesapeake

Even with a promising housing market, a good realtor can save you money and time. An expert’s connections can provide more buying options than online listings alone. Take time to pair your home buying needs with the right realtor for maximum success.

If this city is calling your name, input a few details into our form and discover the best realtor in Chesapeake VA, such as:

Cheyenne Penn

Cheyenne Penn is part of one of the few women-founded realty groups in the coastal Virginia area. With a specialty in military placement and 200 online five-star reviews, Penn can secure a deal in Chesapeake for any buyers.

David and Kim Wiley

Teamwork makes the dream work with Wilkey Extreme Realty. David and Kim Wilkey match you with the perfect realtor in their diverse group, tailoring your buying experience to what you need.

Claudine Ellis

Claudine Ellis leads this team of highly qualified realtors to deliver efficient and thorough results. As part of a larger group, Dream Girls specializes in luxury properties and new home marketing. 

Best Seller Agents In Chesapeake

Like with buying, selling a home requires professional guidance. Not to mention, it’ll take a load of stressful work off your plate. Luckily, Chesapeake has quality realtors to help with saying goodbye to your old house. 

Whether you’re moving to the neighborhood next door or across the country, a realtor in Chesapeake VA can help you sell your home quickly. To find your perfect match, simply fill out our form and discover top agents like: 

Kelvin and April Reed

A seller’s greatest fear is that their home won’t be bought. But Kelvin and April have a selling guarantee—if no one buys it, they will buy it from you. Efficiency and privacy are their key qualities. And as Navy veterans, the Reeds team has a focus on serving military-connected customers.

Lonnie Bush

Specializing in luxury property and quick sales, Lonnie provides high security and efficiency with each customer. If you’re looking to sell a waterfront property or condo, Lonnie Bush’s team can assist you as well.

Jessica Lewis

With an aptitude for the Hampton Roads area, Jessica Lewis is open to helping all sellers. Owners with foreclosures, timeshares, or distressed properties for the market can turn to her expertise.

Get To Know Chesapeake

What are the employment opportunities in Chesapeake?

Low poverty and unemployment rates pair with a promising future job growth rate of 35.2%.

How are the schools in Chesapeake?

A high school graduation rate of 92.1% speaks to Chesapeake’s excellent public schools. Not to mention, almost one third of their population has a Bachelor’s degree or higher education.

How is Chesapeake for veterans?

Chesapeake is renowned for its military-friendly culture, with veterans forming 15% of its population. Multiple health centers, employment programs, and housing discounts make this city a safe haven for vets.

Are there natural disasters in Chesapeake?

All that Chesapeake Bay waterfront might rattle some homeowners’ nerves. But FEMA’s handy Flood Hazard Area map can help you determine a property’s damage potential. And for nature lovers, you can’t beat the city’s 70 public parks or 31 miles of trails.

What is there to do in Chesapeake?

ake a stroll through the Ghent District and Battlefield Historic Park to get your fill of Revolutionary War history. And don’t forget the Gothic St. Luke’s Church, founded all the way back in 1630.

Hottest Zip Codes

If you’re searching for listings in Chesapeake online and by zip code, these are the best ones to check out:


This safe area has many beautiful medium and large single-family homes, with plenty of shopping nearby.


Think a high-quality residential neighborhood with two rivers for waterfront access.


A slightly quieter, less populated area with just as beautiful homes and view of nature.

Find Your Chesapeake Real Estate Agent

Whether you’re a part of a military family or a seaside trail lover, Chesapeake is an excellent package-deal of a city. And for home sellers and buyers alike, its housing market is only on the rise. 

With the help of our agent form, you can partner with a top realtor in the area. Just be sure to let us know whether you’re buying or selling.