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Key takeaways

  • The housing market in Plano, TX is erupting. Supply is steadily dwindling, as demand for real estate in this attractive city outpaces new development. To take advantage of this excellent investment opportunity, it’s important to act fast.
  • Located just 20 miles outside of downtown Dallas, Plano residents enjoy all the amenities of a big city, without the heavy traffic, crowds, and high cost of living.
  • Not only is Plano a hotspot for potential buyers, but Forbes also lists it as the “#1 Best City for Renters in 2021.”

Top Real Estate Agents In Plano

Plano, TX is a prime location for people who want access to a big city, but who prefer a smaller, more affordable place to live. Although Plano is considered a suburb of Dallas, this city has plenty of its own dining, entertainment, and shopping options—as well as a bustling job market and growing economy

If you’re trying to determine whether you want to buy or sell real estate in this Texas hotspot, having an experienced Plano real estate agent on your team is essential. Plano’s high quality of life, low tax rates, and convenient location mean the housing market moves fast. At the beginning of 2021, there was an average of over 20 showings per listing, so it’s critical to find a good realtor to help you navigate this competitive market.

Plano’s Housing Market

Median household income


Average home price


Average days on market


Understanding the housing market in Plano will help you set yourself up for success. Before you connect with a Plano, TX real estate agent, let’s take a look at the basics: 

  • The median household income in Plano is $93,012—approximately 50% higher than the national average of $61,937. 
  • The average home listing price in Plano is $341,100—a 3.52% increase from last year’s average. As demand soars, median home prices are expected to follow suit. 
  • Houses don’t stay on the Plano real estate market for long. Buyers have been flocking to this premier city, especially since the pandemic has led to an influx in people investing in real estate.

Best Buyer Agents In Plano

If you want to stay ahead of the curve in this competitive market, a real estate professional in Plano, TX will help you find your ideal home at the best price. Great buyer agents allow you to get the most out of the city’s incredible opportunities, and they’ll be there to help with everything from scouting locations to putting in an offer to negotiating a closing deal. 

To get started, fill our agent form today. You’ll discover Plano real estate agents who know the real estate market inside and out, like:

Cindy Joseph

This highly regarded Plano real estate agent is known for her expertise in finding clients their dream homes. As the leader of the Cindy Joseph Real Estate Group, her entire team is there to help you navigate Plano’s unique market. Joseph was even featured on a TV show called American Dream!

Tonya Peek

With a perfect five-star rating and hundreds of positive reviews, Tonya Peek has built a name for herself in the Plano real estate world by always prioritizing her client’s real estate needs. Because of her extensive real estate experience, her clients count on her to handle every detail of the process from the first showing, to negotiating, to closing.

Shana Acquisto

This renowned realtor has over $500 million in real estate transaction sales, as well as an impressive number of other prestigious awards under her belt. Shana Acquisto has over 20 years of real estate experience, and leads a team that’s there to help you find your dream home.

Best Seller Agents In Plano

With so many people eager to buy property in Plano, hiring a professional seller agent is a key to getting your money’s worth on the sale of one of your most valuable assets. Not only will a seller agent handle the buyer vetting process, but they’ll also alleviate some of the stress of selling your home. 

By filling out our form, you’ll be connected to Plano real estate agents that specialize in helping sellers, like:

Wendy Huang

This RE/MAX Hall of Fame member is an expert in Plano real estate. Huang is a real estate professional that has helped over 1000 families achieve their real estate dreams through her passion, drive, and commitment to excellence.

Amanda Thomas

Amanda Thomas combines her background in corporate finance with her intimate knowledge of the Plano real estate market. She emphasizes accuracy, timeliness, and accountability in every client deal she’s a part of. She helps clients capitalize on all their home’s potential, no matter the price point of the sale.

Colleen Frost

Not only is she a top-rated seller agent, but Colleen Frost is also a certified home stager. This means she knows how to present your home in the best possible light when you’re looking for potential buyers. Her well-rounded approach to sales means her client’s homes command the best possible prices.

Get To Know Plano

From its unbeatable public park system to its vibrant dining scene, there’s a lot to love about Plano. Here’s some helpful information you need to know about this Texas gem:

What is the population of Plano?

Approximately 287,765 people live in Plano, and its population is on the rise.

What are the employment opportunities in Plano?

Job opportunities abound in Plano. According to a study conducted by WalletHub, the city is one of the top 10 cities for jobs in the entire country. It’s also expected to add 63,000 jobs in the next ten years alone. 

How are the schools in Plano?

The Plano Independent School District is categorized as an ‘A’ school system by the Texas Education Agency. Their grading system is based on metrics like student achievement, school progress, and educational equity. 

What are the healthcare options in Plano?

Plano is home to a robust healthcare system. Not only do residents have access to multiple state-of-the-art hospitals and specialized care facilities, but the city is also the nation’s largest pediatric healthcare provider.

Are there natural disasters in Plano?

Like most cities in Texas, Plano’s summers are hot and muggy. The good news is, with an average of 229 days of sun per year, there’s no shortage of sunshine! Although the city is at low risk for events like earthquakes, there is a higher than average risk for tornadoes

What is there to do in Plano?

Plano’s historic downtown district offers dining and shopping options to suit any taste. The city is also home to museums, historic homes, and an incredible park system. About 75% of residents can walk to a park within ten minutes, making it ideal for outdoor lovers and pet owners.

Hottest Zip Codes

If you don’t know where to begin your search for the perfect Plano property, check out these great neighborhoods:


This neighborhood, known as Olde Town, is perfect for families and young professionals alike due to its abundance of coffee shops, restaurants, and parks.


Home to an affluent neighborhood called Willow Bend, this is a premier zip code with beautiful homes as well as outdoor attractions like parks and hiking trails.


Recognized as the “Best Zip Code in Texas,” residents enjoy easy access to all the great amenities Plano has to offer.

Find Your Plano Real Estate Agent

Plano is more than a Dallas suburb—it’s an up-and-coming city that’s on many savvy real estate investors’ radars. Homes in Plano are selling fast, and great deals don’t last long. Whether you’re trying to find a place to settle down, or you want access to exciting city life, Plano has something for everyone. 

Make the most out of this great real estate opportunity by connecting with a top agent today. Whether you’re buying or selling, an experienced agent will make the process more successful. Start by filling out our form to discover the agent who’s right for you!