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Key takeaways

  • Homes in Memphis stay on the market for an average of 35 days—giving potential buyers some time to negotiate listing prices, but still favoring sellers.
  • Property values in Memphis are on the rise, which is great news for sellers looking to turn a profit on their homes.
  • Memphis neighborhoods range from urban to rural—making this diverse city the perfect place for every kind of homeowner.

Top Real Estate Agents In Memphis

When people hear Memphis, they probably think of three things: Rock ‘n’ Roll, BBQ, and affordable real estate. 

That’s right. Memphis, Tennessee is the home of one of the nation’s best housing markets. If you’re looking to lock down residential property in this exciting city before prices rise, then now is the perfect time. With a little housing knowledge, and the right Memphis, TN realtor, you’ll be able to find your dream home in no time.

Memphis’ Housing Market

Median household income


Average home price


Average days on market


Even with the help of a Memphis, TN real estate agent, it’s important to have a little housing knowledge of your own. Here are the facts every buyer or seller should understand about Memphis:

  • The median household income in Memphis, TN is $37,199.  
  • The median property value for Memphis, TN is $103,700—a 5.07% increase over the past year. 
  • Memphis homes spend an average of 35 days on the market.

Best Buyer Agents In Memphis

With homes spending over a month on the market, Memphis buyers have time to negotiate listing prices. An experienced Memphis real estate agent can help you through this process and ensure you’re getting the most value out of your new home.

Fill out our real estate agent form and discover a top realtor in Memphis, like:

Chuck House

Chuck House is one of Memphis’ premier buyer agents, specializing in relocation services and Germantown homes. He’s a successful real estate professional that has completed over 100 successful transactions in the last year alone.

Melissa Thompson

Melissa Thompson has 34 years of experience in the Memphis real estate market. With 113 sales in the past year, potential buyers can count on Melissa to find the perfect new home within their budget. Melissa also specializes in relocation and consulting services for her client roaster.

Tyler Tapley

With 356 sales in the past 12 months, Tyler Tapley is one of the most efficient agents in the Memphis area. Tyler has been working as an agent for the past 17 years, earning specializations in relocation, property management, and foreclosures.

Best Seller Agents In Memphis

Property values are on the rise in Memphis—creating the perfect market for homeowners looking to sell. The right real estate agent in Memphis, TN will help you get the most value out of your home, and sell your property within a reasonable time frame. 

When you fill out our seller’s form, you’ll find a top Memphis listing agent, like:

Jeanette Lin

Jeanette Lin is a real estate professional that has worked in Memphis real estate for 11 years. She has sold nearly 100 homes in this time, and works with a wide variety of clients—selling properties that range from $19k–$2.55 million.

Judy McLellan

In her 45 years of experience, Judy McLellan has sold nearly 200 Memphis homes. She has earned ample recommendations and reviews from her clients—particularly in the neighborhoods of East Memphis, Downtown, and Collierville.

John Quinn

John Quinn has over 30 years of experience working in Memphis real estate. His specialties include house flipping, residential sales, and property investments.

Get To Know Memphis

Locals can tell you that Memphis is more than a booming real estate market. From the music scene to the groundbreaking medical centers, here’s everything you need to know about Tennessee’s second-largest city:

What is the population of Memphis?

According to the 2019 census, Memphis has a hefty population of 651,073—only 35,000 fewer people than the state’s largest city (Nashville).

What are the employment opportunities in Memphis?

Some of the biggest employers in Memphis include FedEx, the Tennessee state government, and Shelby County Schools. The city’s booming tourism also provides many jobs for residents in the downtown area.

How are the schools in Memphis?

The city of Memphis has a large number of highly-rated public and private schools. In this area, you’ll find 208 elementary schools, 131 middle schools, 103 high schools, and 539 private schools.

What are the healthcare options in Memphis?

If there’s one thing Memphis has, it’s ample healthcare facilities. The city is known for its impressive work at St. Jude’s Children’s Cancer Research Hospital. Other highly-rated facilities in the surrounding area include Methodist University Hospital and Baptist Memorial Hospital.

Are there natural disasters in Memphis?

Tennessee is known for hot summers and mild winters. Memphis residents can expect average temperatures to range between 50° and 70° Fahrenheit, with the occasional rainstorm during the winter months.

What is there to do in Memphis?

Memphis is vastly known for its Rock ‘n’ Roll roots, with entertainment spots like Elvis Presley’s Graceland, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Soul Museum, and the Blues Hall of Fame. Locals can also chow down at any of the city’s famous BBQ spots, or grab a drink on the lively Beale Street strip.

Hottest Zip Codes

Your perfect Memphis home will depend on the zip code you live in. In such a diverse place, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of the city’s many different neighborhoods. Here are some of the hottest zip codes Memphis homeowners choose to live in:


This Memphis suburb earns high ratings for its public schools, housing, and family-friendly amenities.


For a more urban feel, Memphis’ downtown area is beloved for its nightlife, diversity, and jobs. The median property value in this area is slightly more affordable, at $270,200.


Also known as Central Gardens, this luxurious Memphis neighborhood is known for its historic homes and artsy businesses. This zip code is located fairly close to downtown, but far enough to offer a quiet, suburban feel.

Find Your Memphis Real Estate Agent

With rising property values, a booming job market, and plenty of prospective properties for sale—Memphis, Tennessee is the perfect place for buyers and sellers alike. It’s never been easier to make your Memphis real estate dreams a reality. By using the tips you learned today, and enlisting the help of an experienced agent, you’ll become a real estate rock star in no time.

To get started, fill out our agent form and let us know whether you’re buying or selling.