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Key takeaways

  • South Carolina is a great place for anyone looking to relax and enjoy a more slow paced life.
  • The state isn’t the best when it comes to healthcare or education, so this must be considered before making the move.
  • South Carolina has great beaches that the whole family can enjoy and is the perfect place if you enjoy time outdoors.

Why You Should Move to South Carolina?

Known for its popular beaches, beautiful golf courses, and rich history, South Carolina is considered to be a popular state to visit in the US. And for people interested in relaxation and good food, there aren’t many other states that can top it. 

However, considering how many hurricanes and floods impact the area, it may cause an uptick in anxiety for anyone calling the state home. And don’t even ask about how bad the bug problem is (which is one of the top complaints of residents).  

But even with those downsides, many people love the state and would never consider leaving. And if you’re considering making the move, make sure to keep reading while we cover some important details of what it’s like to live in South Carolina.

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Get To Know South Carolina

What is the population of South Carolina?

Currently, 5.092 million people call the state of South Carolina home. And this is a number that is expected to go based on recent trends.

What are the employment opportunities in South Carolina?

It’s relatively easy to find a job in South Carolina. However, finding a good high-paying job may prove itself to be difficult. 

Most of the jobs in this state offer low wages with just ok benefits. And because of this, the state is currently dealing with a pretty intense labor shortage.

How are the schools in South Carolina?

South Carolina is currently ranked #44 out of all US states for quality schools. And many people criticize the state for not teaching students the skills they need to thrive in the world. 

The state has struggled with education for a while now and routinely ranks low in the education category year after year. So parents will need to think twice before moving their children here.

What are the healthcare options in South Carolina?

Wallethub has ranked South Carolina as the 8th worst state for healthcare. The state also ranks 44th for life expectancy, which many people may find alarming. 

However, this is something that the state has been focused on improving as of late and evidence suggests it won’t be this way for long.

How is the weather in South Carolina?

The weather in this state is regarded as subtropical. Meaning it has long, hot summers and mild winters. But the worst part of the weather here is easily the humidity. 

What is there to do in South Carolina?

When you’re not busy taking swim lessons to prepare for the next flood, South Carolina is a pretty nice place to relax and recharge from the demands of life. 

The obvious main activity you can enjoy here is having a lazy day on the beach. But even people who aren’t too fond of beaches can have a good time in this state. 

History buffs will get a kick out of checking out the rich history of South Carolina. And they’ll definitely create a core memory by visiting the Charleston historic district. 

There are also plenty of museums, zoos and parks to enjoy with the entire family. So you won’t have to worry about finding a way to kill some time on the weekend.

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