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Key takeaways

  • Cincinnati’s housing market has grown at a strong and steady rate over the past decade, with a slight preference to sellers.
  • The city’s job market has attracted millennials, boosting the economy and establishing new trendy neighborhoods.
  • Cincinnati has the top-notch artistic and cultural landmarks of a bigger city, all at a lower cost of living.

Top Real Estate Agents In Cincinnati

When it comes to Cincinnati, there’s more than just chili over spaghetti. This Ohio city is the third largest metropolitan area in the state, with an affordable and bustling downtown—an appealing option for homeowners. To take advantage of the city’s growing real estate market, we can help you find an exceptional Cincinnati realtor for the job.

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Cincinnati’s Housing Market

Median household income


Average home price


Average days on market


As coastal metropolises start to price out residents, smaller inland cities present a reasonable alternative. And like many Midwest locations, Cincinnati’s property market has climbed in value while staying budget-friendly. 

Here’s what you need to know about the city’s average homeowner:

  • Median household income – $40,640
  • Average home price – $190,000
  • Average days on market – 49

While the average Cincinnati home price increased last year, it’s still under the US average by a whopping $145,000. If you’re eager to jump in on this flourishing real estate market, let’s review some of the best Cincinnati area realtors.

Best Buyer Agents In Cincinnati

When choosing a realtor in Cincinnati (especially for home buying), look for agents with long held connections to the area. The more familiar with the city, the more an agent can connect you with Cincinnati’s emerging realty hot spots. 

To assist your home buying journey, simply fill out our form to discover some of the best agents in the Cincinnati real estate market like:

Ron and Anna Bisher

As part of Coldwell Banker, the Bisher Group provides 29 years of Cincinnati realty expertise supported by a large franchise’s resources. A team of seven licensed agents can lead you through the firm’s thorough 8-step home buying process.

Lisa McCarthy

A Cincinnati residential property specialist for over 12 years, Lisa McCarthy guides home buyers through every step of a purchase. Her incredible realty marketing skills have led to awards such as the International President’s Circle and the Ohio Area Realty President’s Sales Club Award.

Derek Tye

For a high-tech approach to home buying, The Tye Group has you covered. Derek Tye brings an online marketing and corporate management background to Cincinnati area realty clients. As a recipient of SOAR’s Realtor of the Year Award in 2010, he has secured deals for homes in the Hamilton, Warren, Butler, and Clermont neighborhoods.

Best Seller Agents In Cincinnati

With its rising popularity and employment opportunities, Cincinnati is a fertile real estate ground for sellers. But to land a deal near your listing price, you’ll need some professional help. Whether you’re switching neighborhoods or moving out of town, we’ve got you covered. 

Fill out our form to find the best realtor in Cincinnati for closing your home sale—a realtor like:

Brett Keppler

As the founder of TREO, Brett Kepler has created the second largest Ohio-based real estate group. The secret to his success comes from adapting to the modern market. On top of creating the smartphone realty app Nekst, his team uses a technology-forward approach to maximize online listing success.

Amy Brohamer

A high number of five-star reviews speaks to this Cincinnati realtor’s expertise. With selling averages of 35 days on the market at 97.5% of closing prices, Amy Brohamer’s all-women team at Amy B Sells lives up to its name.

Drew Homan

For families looking to sell in the Anderson, West Chester, or Hamilton County suburbs, the Drew & Ingrid Group has you covered. As a Cincinnati local, Drew Homan draws on his city knowledge to expertly evaluate all property for sale. In addition, his background in home design and renovation can help boost your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Get To Know Cincinnati

What are the employment opportunities in Cincinnati?

Home to ten Fortune 500 companies, Cincinnati has undergone an employment boom over the past decade. Jobs in healthcare, retail trade, and manufacturing lead the city’s economy

How are the schools in Cincinnati?

Cincinnati is home to one of the top 10 public school districts in the country, bolstering its population’s 88.1% high school graduation rate. And for college, you can find excellent schools such as the University of Cincinnati and Xavier.

How much nature is in Cincinnati?

Located right over the Ohio River, Cincinnati’s downtown has beautiful waterfront views. Additionally, the city has 5000 acres of park land (about 10% of its total area) with 70 neighborhood parks and 65 miles of trails. The city does have a high tornado index, so be prepared with insurance policies that cover your home.

What is there to do in Cincinnati?

Only 15 miles from the city’s airport, the downtown area has a Tony-winning playhouse, an excellent ice rink, and the renowned Music Hall. You’ll also find the zoo and Kings Island Amusement Park a short drive away.

Hottest Zip Codes

A growing economy means plenty of up-and-coming Cincinnati neighborhoods. Here are a few of the city’s most coveted spots:


An excellent family choice, Pleasant Ridge has beautiful homes and proximity to French Park’s hiking trails.


Unlike other major cities, Cincinnati’s downtown is still relatively affordable and convenient for young professionals.


Hyde Park is a family-friendly area with some of the best schools and lowest crime rates within Cincinnati.

Find Your Cincinnati Real Estate Agent

To make the most of a real estate deal, you have to strike when it’s hot—and Cincinnati is definitely a fiery market. With our agent form, you can discover a Cincinnati Ohio agent that will secure your realty success in this underrated town. Just let us know whether you’re buying or selling.