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Key takeaways

  • It’s impossible to be bored in New York due to its endless amounts of activities and venues for entertainment.  
  • It can be incredibly expensive to live in the state and sometimes you may pay a premium for a service that doesn’t match in quality. 
  • The population continues to decline due to complications with COVID. 

Should You Move to New York?

Known for its Broadway shows, endless opportunities, and diverse population, New York is great for people who have a need for variety. It’s one of the most popular states in the country and has a vast amount of people flocking to it every year.

However, with an incredibly high cost of living and traffic that can put you in a mental hospital, it’s worth taking a second to consider if the state is right for you. While the state does have a lot of newcomers every year, a good number of people leave every year due to not being able to handle the fast city life. 

In short, moving to New York should not be taken lightly. If you want to know whether or not moving to New York is right for you, keep reading. Because you’re about to get a top-level view of what you can look forward to when moving to the state.  

New York’s Housing Market

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Get To Know New York

What is the population of New York?

Currently, 19.5 million people call the state of New York home, and the population will likely continue to grow.

What are the employment opportunities in New York?

While the unemployment rate here is a little higher than average, New York remains a great place to find employment. 

But If you want your best odds of finding a job in this state, Scarsdale is the number one option in the whole state.

How are the schools in New York?

New York ranks 13th in the nation for overall education. The state has the largest public school system in the country and has made measurable improvements lately. 

However, if you’re looking for the best school district in the state, that would be the Mamaroneck Union Free School District. It’s located in Westchester County.

What are the healthcare options in New York?

If healthcare is important to you, you might want to find another state to call “home”. New York has some of the worst rankings for hospital quality and safety in the US. 

To add insult to injury, New York also has the second highest insurance premiums in the country. So you’ll end up paying more for lower-quality treatment.

How is the weather in New York?

If you like warm humid-filled summers and extremely cold winters, then you’ll love living in New York. 

Temperatures typically vary between 28 degrees to 85 degrees. But if you’re looking to stay as warm as possible, avoid living in Upstate NY. 

What is there to do in New York?

A better question is “what can’t you do in New York”? This state is one of the few in the nation that truly has endless opportunities. 

If you’re a history buff, you have to check out the Statue of Liberty and other museums in the state. And history isn’t the only itch you can scratch. If you have a love for live performances, New York is basically known for its Broadway scene. 

Outside of that, you’ll have a blast exploring endless options in food, nightlife, and general entertainment. 

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