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Key takeaways

  • Massachusetts has a lot of diverse opportunities for employment.
  • Winter is horrible in this state and considered a con by almost all residents. .  
  • The cost of living in Massachusetts is very high considering how much opportunity is in the state.

Should You Move to Massachusetts?

Known for its booming economy, highly-educated population, and strong grasp on agriculture, Massachusetts is the perfect place for people looking for diverse ways of living. Diverse industries aside, the state also has a very rich history that it’s residents take great pride in. 

However, if you’re looking for a more affordable and somewhat convenient place to call home, this is not the place for you. Both cost of living and poor driving conditions makes this state an annoying place to live if those are things you value.

But if you can make peace with some of the negative aspects of this state, you’ll quickly find that there’s plenty to enjoy. That said, if you want to know whether or not moving to Massachusetts is right for you, keep reading. Because you’re about to get a top level view of what you can look forward to when moving to the state

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Get To Know Massachusetts

What is the population of Massachusetts?

Currently, 6.87 million people call the state of Massachusetts home, and the population is currently growing year over year.

What are the employment opportunities in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts ranks 35th in economic quality. Which means it’s nowhere near the worst state to find a job.  

The best industries to find employment are Technical Services, Real Estate, and Manufacturing.

How are the schools in Massachusetts?

Surveys conducted by Wallethub and Commonwealth have determined that Massachusetts has some of the best schools in the country (especially for math and reading test scores). 

If you want your little one to get the best education possible in the state, make sure to live in Lexington.

What are the healthcare options in Massachusetts?

Studies by Wallethub have discovered that Massachusetts is the best state in the US for healthcare. 

Considering the ongoing pandemic, it could be a wise decision to move to the state considering the quality and affordability of their healthcare.

How is the weather in Massachusetts?

The weather in Massachusetts is pretty mild year-round (with the exception of winter). 

If extremely cold winters are a deal breaker for you, you’ll be absolutely miserable living here during that season.

What is there to do in Massachusetts?

The most interesting thing to do in Massachusetts is soak up its rich history. . 

You can spend multiple days checking out the Freedom Trail, historic parks, and historic houses which is great for history buffs.

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