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Key takeaways

  • Indiana is where basketball was invented, so this state is highly obsessed with the sport.
  • If you’re not interested in basketball, it can be hard to find interesting things to do in the state.  
  • The cost of living here is wildly affordable.

Should You Move to Indiana?

Known for its passion for basketball, vast farmlands and corn production, Indiana is a great place for those looking to experience the simple joys of life. The state can come off as boring to some, but for the right person it could be the ideal place to raise a family. 

However, if you’re looking for more variety–both in terms of experiences and people–then Indiana is the last place you should consider moving to. And when you couple those cons with the fact that the state is also known for drug addiction, you may decide to move elsewhere. 

But if you can make peace with some of the negative aspects of this state, you’ll quickly find that there’s plenty to enjoy. That said, if you want to know whether or not moving to Indiana is right for you, keep reading. Because you’re about to get a top level view of what you can look forward to when moving to the state.

Indiana’s Housing Market

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Get To Know Indiana

What is the population of Indiana?

Currently, 6.69 million people call the state of Indiana home, and the population is currently growing year over year.

What are the employment opportunities in Indiana?

Indiana is a great place to find employment, especially if you work in the software or healthcare industry. The projected job growth here is around 37.5% over the next 10 years. 

However, if you want to make finding a job as easy as possible, consider moving to Westfield or Zionsville.

How are the schools in Indiana?

Indiana isn’t really known for its quality education. However, it’s certainly not topping any lists of “worst states for education”. 

If you want your little one to get the best education possible in the state, make sure to live within the West Lafayette Community school district. 

What are the healthcare options in Indiana?

The residents in Indiana aren’t necessarily the healthiest bunch. Which is why the state ranks 42nd for the quality of health of its residents. 

However, Indiana University Health Medical Center happens to be one of the best hospitals in the country.

How is the weather in Indiana?

If you love long, humid and wet summers paired with short and very cold winters, then you’ll love Indiana. 

The temperature rarely gets to extreme levels. So if you can tolerate being moderately uncomfortable over the summer and winter months, then you should be fine.

What is there to do in Indiana?

One of the biggest attractions in Indiana is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 

But if seeing cars go fast isn’t your cup of tea. You still can find many other activities to entertain yourself. Such as the Holiday World Theme Park and the famous Marengo Cave.

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