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Key takeaways

  • Rapidly growing and fast-paced, Hartford’s housing market is a boon for sellers.
  • Despite rising home values, Hartford still provides an affordable lifestyle to new and current residents.
  • High diversity and state capital status give Hartford the attractions and amenities of a larger city.

Top Real Estate Agents In Hartford

With beautiful historic sites, 17 diverse neighborhoods, and a flourishing housing market, Hartford is a star on the rise. The city’s blend of affordability, culture, and specialty industries has attracted many young professionals and families.

Even better, Hartford home sales are booming. If you’re looking to sell or buy property in the area, it’s time to act fast. With our expert guide and real estate agent discovery form, we can help you find the best Hartford CT realtor for your needs.

Hartford’s Housing Market

Median household income


Average home price


Average days on market


Hartford realty has grown exponentially over the past decade. Almost 37% of Hartford’s population moved in since 2017, and the city ranks third in home sales across the country.

With such swift growth, let’s examine the average Hartford homeowner:

  • Median household income – $36,278
  • Average home price – $249,250
  • Average days on market – 52 

Over the past year alone, Hartford home prices jumped 16.5%. This growth isn’t stopping anytime soon—big-city dwellers are flocking to Hartford’s more remote atmosphere, leaving sellers with an advantage.

Best Buyer Agents In Hartford

As a home buyer, you have to move swiftly in Hartford. To help navigate this in-demand housing market, choosing an expert realty agent is crucial. If interested in this beautiful New England city, we can help you find a Hartford realtor to guide your home search. To start, fill out our agent form and you can discover top buyer agents like:

Tom Murphy

As assistant vice president of his firm, Tom Murphy has over 27 years of experience in the Hartford housing market. With his knowledge of the city’s market value and home & rental insurance connections, Tom is a go-to agent for first-time home buyers.

Lisa Ogren

If looking for specialty or luxury properties in Hartford, Lisa Ogren has you covered. Her strong motivation and Connecticut realty connections earned her Connecticut Magazine’s 5 Star Real Estate Agent ranking and a feature on HGTV. Not to mention, she’s closed over 91 home transactions this past year.

Marques Strickland

An independent realty agent, Marques is devoted to his clients’ success. His realty specialties include home buying, short sales, and property search consulting. If you’re looking for an introductory education on the home buying process, Marques Strickland has the expertise you need.

Best Seller Agents In Hartford

If you’re selling property in Hartford, the world is your oyster. High demand and continual population growth have led to rising home values. For most home sellers, interested buyers will be constantly knocking at your door. To land the best deal, you will need an up-to-date and efficient realtor in Hartford CT. 

Input a few details in our form, and you’ll soon discover some of Hartford’s premier selling agents, such as:

Cynthia Burke

Numerous accolades and 276 closed transactions last year speak to Cynthia Burke’s expertise. As her realty group’s leader, Cynthia brings over a decade of experience to the Hartford area. If your home needs some polish, she has specialized skills in property improvement for sales.

Amy Bergquist

A four year recipient of Connecticut Magazine’s Five Star Agent award, Amy Bergquist knows the ins-and-outs of Hartford realty. Her decade of experience helping families, corporations, and resellers has greatly expanded her market knowledge as a seller agent.

Vincent Diana

Combining academic rigor with professional experience, Vincent Diana is prepared to assist all Hartford home sellers. He once earned a spot as the 87th Top Producing Agent in the United States, as well as recognition as a Top Ten Producing Agent in Connecticut.

Get To Know Hartford

Whether you’re a colonial history fan or want to enjoy a city with plenty of nature, Hartford has many attractions for its growing population. Check out some of the best features this city can offer: 

What is the population of Hartford?

Despite New England’s homogenous reputation, Hartford is a very diverse city. With just over 122,000 residents, the city is sizable enough for city attractions yet small enough for a tight-knit community atmosphere.

What are the employment opportunities in Hartford?

Hartford has attracted many young professionals through its growing industry landscape. Jobs in healthcare, retail trade, and food services contributed to Hartford’s top spot in Connecticut’s labor growth.

How are the schools in Hartford?

The Hartford area is renowned for its top-tier college options, including the University of Hartford and Trinity College. The city has also improved the education system’s dropout rates.

What are the healthcare options in Hartford?

According to Healthgrades, some of the best-reviewed healthcare facilities in Hartford are the Baylor Scott & White Medical Center and the UT Southwestern Clements University Hospital.

How is the nature in Hartford?

You can visit nine beautiful parks across Hartford throughout the city’s picturesque seasonal weather. And as a homeowner bonus, the area has very few natural disasters (tornados, hurricanes, floods, etc).

What is there to do in Hartford?

As one the country’s oldest cities, Hartford has historical sites galore. Explore the Connecticut State Capitol building, Mark Twain’s old home, or even the city’s Ancient Burying Grounds.

Hottest Zip Codes

With both established and up-and-coming areas, Hartford has neighborhoods that fit any buyer’s price point and lifestyle. Some of the city’s top zip codes include:


As a smaller city, Hartford’s downtown is the perfect level of relaxed liveliness for young professionals.


For families and higher-value home seekers, the West End has beautiful colonial architecture and the best public schools.


A neighborhood with rising popularity, Frog Hollow is great for park-loving families and more affordable housing.

Find Your Hartford Real Estate Agent

With small-city charm and cheaper costs, it’s unsurprising that Hartford is one of the country’s hottest real estate markets. To get started on your homeowner journey, fill out our form, let us know if you’re selling or buying, and discover the top Hartford real estate agent for you.